Oct 19

Saint Juan of Brébeuf y compañeros

October 19th Mártir Religioso Sacerdote

Holy Martyrs Juan de Brébeuf and [Isaac Jogues], priests and fellow of the society of Jesus, in the day that [saint Juan de la Lande], religious, was killed by the pagans in the place called Ossernenon, then in the territory of Canada (now Auriesville, New York State), the same place where some years earlier had won the Crown of martyrdom [saint Renato Goupil]. Are jointly revered Saints teammates Gabriel Lalemant, Daniel Antonio, Carlos Garnier and Natal Chabanel, than in the Canadian region, on different days, after fatiguing in the people of the Huron mission to announce the Gospel of Christ to those peoples, terminaro
Juan (Masculino)
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Saint John the Baptist, nativity
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October 19th
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