Sep 13

Saint John Chrysostom

September 13th V century

Juan (Masculino)
Boca de oro, from Griego
People named Juan use to celebrate 24-Jun:
Saint John the Baptist, nativity
Other saints
Other saints named Juan
in Comana, in current Italy
September 13th
Memory of Saint John, Bishop of Constantinople and doctor of the Church, Antiochian by birth, who ordained priest, came to be called "Chrysostom" by his eloquence. Great Shepherd and teacher of the faith in the Constantinopolan see, he suffered banishment by the faction of his enemies, and at the return from exile by Decree of Pope Saint Innocent I, as a result of the mistreatment received from their guards on the way back, gave his soul to God in Comana, Pontus town, on September 14. Roman martyrology