Dec 23

Saint John Cantius

December 23rd XV century

Juan (Masculino)
People named Juan use to celebrate 24-Jun:
Saint John the Baptist, nativity
Other saints
Other saints named Juan
en Kety, in current Poland
in Cracovia, in current Poland
December 23rd
John Wacienga (Saint John of Kety, Kanty, Kenty or Cancius), priest and Polish philosopher, patron saint of Poland, whio, being a priest, was devoted to teaching for many years at the Academy in Kraków, then received the pastoral Commission of the parish of Olkusia, where, adding to the straight faith a cluster of virtues, he became a protégé for cooperators and an example of piety and charity towards the other, and then migrated to the celestial joys in Krakow, Poland city. Roman martyrology