Aug 04

Saint John Baptiste Vianney

August 4th XIX century

Juan (Masculino)
People named Juan use to celebrate 24-Jun:
Saint John the Baptist, nativity
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May 8th 1786 en Dardilly, Lyon, in current France
August 4th 1859 in Ars-sur-Formans, in current France
  • Beatifiedel January 8th 1905 por Pius X
  • Canonized on May 31st 1925 by Pius XI
August 4th
Picture of Saint John Baptiste Vianney Fuente:
John Baptiste Vianney (sometimes written John Vianey), Holy Priest of Ars, is patron of the priests; example of virtue, confessor, promoter of the Eucharistic and Marian devotion. He was born near Lyon the year 1786. He had to overcome many obstacles to finally reach being ordered priest. The parish of Ars, entrusted within the Diocese of Belley, and the saint, with an active preaching, mortification, prayer and charity, governed it, and promoted their spiritual advancement in an admirable way. He was endowed with extraordinary qualities as confessor, which made the faithful to come to him from everywhere, to listen to his holy advice. He died in 1859. Roman martyrology