Santos fallecidos en Reino Unido

List of saints
Celebration Name Saint
May 27th Agustín Saint Augustine of Canterbury
April 21st Anselmo Saint Anselm of Canterbury
May 25th Beda Saint Bede the Venerable
January 12th Benet Saint Benet Biscop
March 1st David Saint David of Wales
November 20th Edmundo Saint Edmund King
October 13th Eduardo Saint Edward III the Confessor
February 4th Gilberto Saint Gilberto of Sempringham
May 7th John Saint John of Beverley
November 16th Margarita Saint Margaret of Scotland
August 9th Osvaldo Saint Oswald of Oswestry
April 3rd Richard Saint Richard of Wyche
December 29th Tomas Saint Thomas Becket
June 22nd Tomás Saint Thomas More
June 20th Thomas Blessed Thomas Whitbread and companions
July 1st Aarón Saint Aarón of Carlon
September 23rd Adamnan Saint Adamnan of Hy
January 9th Adrian Saint Adrian abbot
August 31st Aidan Saint Aidan of Lindisfarne
June 22nd Albanus Saint Albanus of Verulamio
May 25th Aldhelm Saint Aldhelm
December 1st Alexander Saint Alexander Briant
April 19th Alphege Saint Alphege of Canterbury
March 12th Alphege Saint Alphege of Winchester
February 27th Ana Saints Ana Line y compañeros
May 1st Asaph Saint Asaph
October 26th Bean Saint Bean of Mortlach
September 6th Bega Saint Bega of Cumberland
December 3rd Birinus Saint Birinus
August 10th Blane Saint Blane of Dumblan
April 13th Caradoc Saint Caradoc
May 16th Carantoc Saint Carantoc
March 2nd Ceadda Saint Ceadda
October 26th Cedda Saint Cedda of Lastingham
June 6th Colman Saint Colman
June 9th Columba Saint Columba of Iona
March 11th Constantine Saint Constantine of Scotland
November 7th Cungar Saint Cungar of Congresbury
March 20th Cuthbert Saint Cuthbert
November 30th Cuthbert Saint Cuthbert Mayne
September 11th Daniel Saint Daniel Wyn
August 27th David Saint David Lewis
April 17th Donnan Saint Donnan abbot and companions
July 11th Drostan Saint Drostan of Deer
November 14th Dubricius Saint Dubricius of Bardsey
May 19th Dunstan Saint Dunstan of Canterbury
March 8th Duthac Saint Duthac
May 6th Eadbert Saint Eadbert
October 26th Eata Saint Eata of Hexham
July 7th Edda Saint Edda of Winchester
June 23rd Ediltrudis Saint Ediltrudis of Eli
September 16th Edita Saint Edita
August 28th Edmund Saint Edmund Arrowsmith
December 10th Edmund Saint Edmund Gennings
December 1st Edmund Campion Saint Edmund Campion
September 10th Edward Saint Edward Barlow
March 18th Edward Saint Edward King of England
January 5th Edward Saint Edward the Confessor
April 24th Egbert Saint Egbert
December 30th Egwin Saint Egwin of Worcester
January 12th Elred Saint Elred
April 30th Erconvald Saint Erconvald
October 23rd Etelfleda Saint Etelfleda of Rumsey
February 24th Ethelbert Saint Ethelbert
August 1st Ethelwold Saint Ethelwold
December 10th Eustacio Saint Eustacio White
January 9th Felano Saint Felano
October 19th Felipe Saint Felipe Howard
March 8th Felix Saint Felix of Domnoc
November 27th Fergusto Saint Fergusto
February 17th Fian Saint Fian
March 23rd Fingar Saint Fingar
October 19th Frideswida Saint Frideswida of Oxford
October 1st Geraldo Saint Geraldo Edwards
April 1st Gilberto Saint Gilberto of Caihness
June 8th Guillermo Saint Guillermo Fitzherbert
July 16th Helerio Saint Helerio of Jersey
February 1st Henry Saint Henry Morse
April 7th Herny Saint Henry Walpole
November 17th Hilda Saint Hilda of Whitby
September 30th Honorio Saint Honorio of Cantorbery
November 17th Hugo Saint Hugo of Lincoln
November 17th Ilda Saint Ilda of Inglaterra
November 6th Iltuto Saint Iltuto of Gales
June 10th Itamar Saint Itamar of Rochester
December 5th Juan Saint Juan Almond
July 24th Juan Saint Juan Boste
June 22nd Juan Saint Juan Fisher
July 12th Juan Saint Juan Jones
August 22nd Juan Saint Juan Kemble
October 10th Juan Saint Juan of Bridlington
October 14th Juan Saint Juan Ogilvie
April 2nd Juan Saint Juan Payne
July 19th Juan Saint Juan Plessington
June 21st Juan Saint Juan Rigby
December 10th Juan Saint Juan Roberts
June 28th Juan Saint Juan Southworth
December 23rd Juan Saint Juan Stone
October 21st Juan Saint Juan Thwing of Bridlington
August 22nd Juan Saint Juan Wall
November 10th Justo Saint Justo of Canterbury
July 17th Kenelmo Saint Kenelmo
January 13th Kentigerno Saint Kentigerno
February 2nd Lorenzo Saint Lorenzo of Canterbury
November 14th Lorenzo Saint Lorenzo O´Toole
May 30th Lucas Saint Lucas Kirby
April 27th Macaldo Saint Macaldo
November 12th Macario Saint Macario of Maleo, Escocia
April 21st Maelrubo Saint Maelrubo
April 16th Magno Saint Magno of las Órcadas
March 25th Margarita Saint Margarita Clitherow
April 24th Melito Saint Melito
February 23rd Milburga Saint Milburga
June 25th Moloc Saint Moloc of Escocia
January 8th Natalán Saint Natalán
March 22nd Nicolás Saint Nicolás Owen
September 16th Niniano Saint Niniano of Galloway
July 1st Oliverio Saint Oliverio Plunkett
March 30th Osburga Saint Osburga
December 4th Osmundo Saint Osmundo
February 28th Osvaldo Saint Osvaldo
October 27th Oterano Saint Oterano of Iona
July 6th Paladio Saint Paladio of Escocia
October 10th Paulino Saint Paulino of Rochester
June 4th Petroc Saint Petroc of Cornualles
December 10th Poliodoro Saint Poliodoro Plasden
October 17th Ricardo Saint Ricardo Gwyn
June 7th Roberto Saint Roberto of Newminster
February 21st Roberto Saint Roberto Southwell
December 1st Rodolfo Saint Rodolfo Sherwin
August 29th Sebbo Saint Sebbo of Inglaterra
December 10th Suintino Saint Suintino Wells
July 2nd Swithun Saint Suituno of Winchester
September 19th Teodoro Saint Teodoro of Canterbury
June 23rd Tomás Saint Tomás Garnet
June 1st Vistano Saint Vistano
November 3rd Wenefrida Saint Wenefrida
February 3rd Wereburga Saint Wereburga of Chester
April 24th Wilfrido Saint Wilfrido of York
January 20th Wulfstano Saint Wulfstano of Worchester
July 9th Adriano Blessed Adrian Fortescue
March 13th Agnelo Blessed Agnellus of Pisa
November 30th Alejandro Blessed Alexander Crow
April 7th Alejandro Blessed Alexander Rawlins
April 20th Antonio Blessed Anthony Page
December 11th Arturo Blessed Arthur Bell
December 10th Brian Blessed Brian Lacy
January 20th Cipriano Blessed Cyprian Iwene Tansi
November 22nd Cristóbal Blessed Christopher Robinson
March 28th Cristobal Blessed Cristopher Wharton
July 12th David Blessed David Gunston
August 27th Domingo Blessed Dominic Barberi
March 23rd Edmundo Blessed Edmund Sykes
November 29th Eduardo Blessed Edward Burden
December 3rd Eduardo Blessed Edward Coleman
April 7th Eduardo Blessed Edward Oldcorne
November 16th Eduardo Blessed Edward Osbaldeston
January 8th Eduardo Blessed Edward Waterson
April 17th Enrique Blessed Henry Heath
July 31st Everardo Blessed Everard Hanse
June 30th Felipe Blessed Philip Powell
November 22nd Francisco Blessed Francis Ingleby
June 10th Gualterio Blessed Walter Pierson
September 5th Guillermo Blessed William Browne
January 11th Guillermo Blessed William Carter
August 28th Guillermo Blessed William Dean and companions
August 13th Guillermo Blessed William Freeman
November 29th Guillermo Blessed William Gigson
June 16th Guillermo Blessed William Greenwood
February 18th Guillermo Blessed William Harrington
March 15th Guillermo Blessed William Hart
August 4th Guillermo Blessed William Horne
November 29th Guillermo Blessed William Knight
April 25th Guillermo Blessed William Marsden
January 22nd Guillermo Blessed William Patenson
February 27th Guillermo Blessed William Richardson
April 30th Guillermo Blessed William Southerne
September 23rd Guillermo Blessed William Way
July 26th Guillermo Blessed William Webster
August 19th Hugo Blessed Hugh Green
November 26th Hugo Blessed Hugh Taylor
March 25th Jacobo Blessed James Bird
April 19th Jacobo Blessed James Duckett
September 9th Jorge Blessed George Douglas
November 29th Jorge Blessed George Errington, WIlliam Gigson and WIlliam Knight, priests y martyrs
April 11th Jorge Blessed George Gervase
November 9th Jorge Blessed George Napper
July 26th Jorge Blessed George Swallowell
July 24th José Blessed Joseph Lambton
December 1st Juan Blessed John Beche
November 2nd Juan Blessed John Bodey
November 22nd Juan Blessed John Bretton
June 8th Juan Blessed John Davy
May 22nd Juan Blessed John Forest
March 29th Juan Blessed John Hambley
July 26th Juan Blessed John Ingram
December 10th Juan Blessed John Mason
February 3rd Juan Blessed John Nelson
February 18th Juan Blessed John Pibush
October 1st Juan Blessed John Robinson
October 30th Juan Blessed John Slade
February 4th Juan Blessed John Speed
June 1st Juan Blessed John Storey
May 28th Lanfranco Blessed Lanfranc of Canterbury
May 28th Margarita Blessed Margaret Pole
November 26th Marmaduco Blessed Marmaduco Bowes
March 21st Mateo Blessed Matthew Flathers
August 7th Nicholas Blessed Nicholas Postgate
May 19th Peter Blessed Peter Wrighy
April 7th Ralph Blessed Ralph Ashley
August 9th Richard Blessed Richard Bere and companions
August 29th Richard Blessed Richard Herst
July 14th Richard Blessed Richard Langhorne
December 1st Richard Blessed Richard Langley
May 29th Richard Blessed Richard Thirkeld
April 25th Robert Blessed Robert Anderton
February 26th Robert Blessed Robert Drury
April 3rd Robert Blessed Robert Middleton
June 16th Robert Blessed Robert Salt
August 27th Roger Blessed Rogerio Cadwalador
December 10th Sidney Blessed Sidney Hodgson
July 6th Thomas Blessed Thomas Alfield
March 11th Thomas Blessed Thomas Atkinson
October 12th Thomas Blessed Thomas Bullaker
June 10th Thomas Blessed Thomas Green
December 22nd Thomas Blessed Thomas Holland
September 20th Thomas Blessed Thomas Johnson
July 1st Thomas Blessed Thomas Maxfield
August 22nd Thomas Blessed Thomas Percy
May 9th Thomas Blessed Thomas Pickering
March 21st Thomas Blessed Thomas Pilchard
January 4th Thomas Blessed Thomas Plumtree
February 21st Thomas Blessed Thomas Portmort
June 15th Thomas Blessed Thomas Reding
June 15th Thomas Blessed Thomas Scryven
February 7th Thomas Blessed Thomas Sherwood
October 23rd Thomas Blessed Thomas Thwing
August 1st Thomas Blessed Thomas Welbourne
June 19th Thomas Blessed Thomas Woodhouse
July 13th Thomas Blessed Tomás Tunsta
April 3rd Turstan Blessed Turstan Hunt