May 14

Saint María Mazzarello

May 14th XIX century Fundadora Religiosa

In Nizza Monferrato, Piedmont, Italy, saint Maria Domenica (or Dominga) Mazzarello, founder, together with [saint Juan Bosco], of the Institute of the daughters of Mary help of Christians, dedicated to the instruction of poor girls. He stood out for his humility, prudence, and charity.
María (Femenino)
People named María use to celebrate 15-Aug:
Assumption of the Virgin Mary
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May 9th 1837 en Mornese, in current Italy
May 14th 1881 in Nizza Monferrato, in current Italy
  • Madevenerable el May 3rd 1936 por Pius XI
  • Beatifiedel November 20th 1938 por Pius XI
  • Canonized on June 24th 1951 by Pius XII
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