Nov 15

Saint Albert the Great

November 15th XIII century

Alberto (Masculino)
De nobleza brillante, from Germánico
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en Lauingen, in current Germany
in Colonia, in current Germany
November 15th
de la Orden de Predicadores
Picture of Saint Albert the Great Fuente:
Saint Albert, known as "the great," Bishop and doctor of the Church, entered the order of preachers in Paris, taught in Word and in his writings, the divine and philosophical disciplines, and was teacher of Thomas Aquinas, beautifully uniting wisdom of the Saints with the humanities and natural sciences. After he was forced to accept the bishopric of Regensburg, striving assiduously to strengthen peace among peoples, but at the end of a year preferred the poverty of the order to all kinds of honors and died in holiness in Cologne, in the Germanic Lotharingia. Roman martyrology