Oct 11

Blessed Mary of Jesus d'Oultremont

October 11th XIX century

María (Femenino)
People named María use to celebrate 15-Aug:
Assumption of the Virgin Mary
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Other saints named María
Secular name
Emile d'Oultremont d'Hooghvorst
October 18th 1818 en Wégimont, in current Belgium
February 22nd 1878 in Florencia, in current Italy
  • Madevenerable el December 23rd 1993 por Blessed John Paul II
  • Beatifiedel October 12th 1997 por Blessed John Paul II
October 11th
de las Hermanas de María Reparadora
In Florence, in Tuscany, blessed María de Jesús (Emilia d'Oultremont d'Hooghvorst), who, born in Belgium and mother of four, becoming widow, without neglecting their maternal duties founded and governed the society of sisters of Mary Reparatrix, trusting in God's help, and overcoming many diseases, as she returned to his homeland ended their earthly pilgrimage, resting in the Lord. Roman martyrology