Aug 01

Blessed Maria Stella of the Holy Sacrament and companions

August 1st XX century

María (Femenino)
People named María use to celebrate 15-Aug:
Assumption of the Virgin Mary
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Other saints named María
August 1st 1943 in Nowogródek, in current Poland
August 1st
In the forest near the town of Nowogrodek, Poland, Maria Stella of the Holy Sacrament (Adelheidis) blessed Mardosewicz and her ten companions, of the Congregation of the Sisters of the Holy family of Nazareth, virgins and martyrs. In dire times of war, shot by enemies of the faith, entered into the glory of Heaven (1943). Their names: Blessed Maria Imelda of Jesus Hostia (Hedwigis Carolina) Zak, Maria Raimunda Jesus and Maria (Anna) Kukolowicz, Maria Daniela de Jesus and Immaculate Maria (Eleonora Aniela) Jozwik, Maria Canuta of Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane (Josefa) Chrobot, Sergia Maria of the painful Virgin (Julia) Rapiej, Guido Maria Roman martyrology