Mártires de la Revolución Francesa

List of saints
Celebration Name Saint
February 5th Francisca Saint Francisca Mézière
October 14th Jacobo Saint Jacobo Laigneau of Langellerie
August 17th Juana Saint Juana Delanoue
August 17th Mirón Saint Mirón of Cizico
July 6th Agustín Blessed Augustin Joseph Desgardin
July 16th Aimée Blessed Aimée of Jesus of Gordon and companions
August 24th Andrés Blessed Andre Fardeau
January 12th Antonio Blessed Antoine Fournier
June 16th Antonio Blessed AntoineConstante Auriel
August 28th Carlos Blessed Charles Arnold Hanus
July 29th Carlos Blessed Charles Nicholas Antoine Ancel
August 27th Carlos Blessed Charles Rene Collas du Bignon
September 13th Claudio Blessed Claude Dumonet
September 14th Claudio Blessed Claude Laplace
August 9th Claudio Blessed Claude Richard
August 22nd Elías Blessed Elijah Leymarie de Laroche
September 4th Escipión Blessed Scipio Jerome Brigéat of Lambert
June 17th Felipe Blessed Philippe Papon
September 5th Florencio Blessed Florence Dumontet of Cardaillac
March 13th Francisca Blessed Françoise Trehet
March 22nd Francisco Blessed Francis Chartier
October 6th Francisco Blessed Francis Hunot
September 11th Francisco Blessed Francis Mayaudon
August 20th Gervasio Blessed Gervais Brunel
July 7th Ifigenia Blessed Iphigenia of Saint Matthew
October 17th Jacobo Blessed Jacques Burin
September 10th Jacobo Blessed Jacques Gagnot
July 22nd Jacobo Blessed Jacques Lombardie
June 21st Jacobo Blessed Jacques Morelle Dupas
October 2nd Jorge Blessed Georges Edmund René
June 9th José Blessed Joseph Imbert
September 22nd José Blessed Joseph Marchandon
August 16th Juan Blessed Jean Baptiste Ménestrel
August 23rd Juan Blessed Jean Bourdon
July 31st Juan Blessed Jean François Jarriges
October 7th Juan Blessed Jean Hunot
January 1st Juan Blessed Jean Lego
October 30th Juan Blessed Jean Michel Langevin
September 30th Juan Blessed Jean Nicolas Cordier
September 27th Juan Blessed John Baptist Laborier du Vivier
August 27th Juan Blessed John Baptist Vernoy of Montjournal
July 7th Juan Blessed John Joseph Juge of Saint-Martin
March 20th Juana Blessed Juana Véron
November 17th Lope Blessed Sebastian Loup Hunot
August 20th Luis Blessed Louis Francois Le Brun
August 29th Luis Blessed Louis Vulfilocio Huppy
June 26th Magdalena Blessed Magdalen Fontaine and companions
January 26th María Blessed Marie de la Dive
July 10th María Blessed Marie Gertrude of Saint Sophia
October 17th María Blessed Marie Natalie of Saint Louise Vanot and companions
July 15th Miguel Blessed Michel Bernard Marchand
February 21st Noel Blessed Noel Pinot
August 25th Paul Blessed Paul Jean Charles
September 12th Peter Blessed Pierre Sulpicius Cristopher Faverge
March 3rd Pierre Blessed Pierre Rene Rogue
June 26th Raymond Blessed Raymond Petiniaud of Jourgnac
March 28th Renata Blessed Renee Marie Feillatreau
July 6th Susana Blessed Susanne Agatha and companions
July 17th Teresa Blessed Teresa of Saint Augustine Lindoine and companions