Santos de la Orden de San Benito

List of saints
Celebration Name Saint
May 27th Agustín Saint Augustine of Canterbury
July 11th Benito Saint Benedict of Nursia
May 4th Godofredo Saint Gotthard of Hildesheim
May 9th Gregorio Saint Gregory of Ostia
November 18th Odón Saint Odo of Cluny
February 12th Benedict Saint Benedict of Aniano
October 21st Bertold Saint Bertold of Parma
September 10th Edward Saint Edward Barlow
November 25th García Saint García of Arlanza
November 16th Gertrudis Saint Gertrudis Magna
November 8th Godofredo Saint Godofredo of Amiens
May 30th Huberto Saint Huberto of Tongres
May 11th Iluminado Saint Iluminado of Saint Severino
June 18th Isabel Saint Isabel of Schönau
December 10th Juan Saint Juan Roberts
September 12th Poncio Saint Poncio of Serrancolin
May 12th Rictrudis Saint Rictrudis of Marchiennes
March 8th Veremundo Saint Veremundo
January 18th Beatriz Blessed Beatrice II d'Este
May 4th Carlos Blessed Carlos Manuel Rodríguez Santiago
August 9th Claudio Blessed Claude Richard
February 13th Eustoquia Blessed Eustochium Bellini
June 30th Felipe Blessed Philip Powell
July 26th Hugo Blessed Ugo of Actis
July 7th Ifigenia Blessed Iphigenia of Saint Matthew
April 11th Jorge Blessed George Gervase
December 1st Juan Blessed John Beche
March 1st Juana Blessed Giovanna Maria Bonomo
September 1st Juliana Blessed Juliana of Collalto
March 12th Justina Blessed Justina Francucci Bezzoli
November 20th María Fortunata Blessed Maria Fortunata Viti
March 14th Pláacid Blessed Placid Riccardi
July 6th Susana Blessed Susanne Agatha and companions
May 9th Thomas Blessed Thomas Pickering
July 13th Thomas Blessed Tomás Tunsta