Santos fallecidos en Canadá

List of saints
Celebration Name Saint
October 19th Anthony Saint Anthony Daniel
October 19th Charles Saint Charles Garnier
November 19th Federico Saint Federico Jansoone
October 19th Gabriel Saint Gabriel Lalemant y copmpañeros
October 19th Isaac Saint Isaac Jogues
October 19th Juan Saint Juan of Brébeuf y compañeros mártires
January 12th Margarita Saint Margarita Bourgeoys
December 23rd María Saint María Margarita of Youville
October 19th Nadal Saint Nadal Chabanel
September 29th Renato Saint Renato Goupil
January 6th Andrés Blessed Andre Bessette
June 30th Basilio Blessed Basilio Velyckovsky
April 17th Catalina Blessed Catherine Tekawitha
August 4th Federico Blessed Frederic Janssoone
May 6th Francisco Blessed Francis of Montmerency Laval
May 24th Luis Blessed Louis Zephirin Moreau
May 8th María Blessed Marie Catherine of Saint Augustin
September 23rd María Blessed Marie Emilie Tavernier
May 3rd María Blessed Marie Leonie Paradis
April 30th María Blessed Marie of the Incarnation Guyart Martin
October 6th María Blessed Marie Rose Durocher
September 4th María Blessed Mary of Saint Cecilia Romana Bellanger
January 2nd María Ana Blessed Anne Marie Sureau-Blondin