Saints of the 24 of january

  • Saint Francis of Sales Saint Francis of Sales

    He is the patron saint of journalists. He was a writer who was born in 1567 in Savoy who worked for the transmission of the gospel truth. During his childhood, his mother told him the catechism and at age 14 he entered the University of Paris. He excelled in rhetoric and philosophy, surrendered to the study of Theology and was consecrated to God. At age 24 he obtained the doctorate in laws, and in 1593 he was ordained priest. He preached through many cities and participated in the reconquest of the Chablais. In this arduous task, he began his career as writer, developing a set of pamphlets of the doctrine of the Church. Thanks to their work the number of conversions increased and re-established the Catholic faith in the province. He was Bishop of Geneva for over 21 years and died in 1622. His last word was the name of Jesus.

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  • Saint Exuperancio
  • Saint Feliciano, obispo
  • Saint Sabiniano
  • Saint Xenia
  • Blessed Marie Poussepin
  • Blessed Paola Gambara Costa
  • Blessed Timothy Giaccardo