Saints of the 18 of december

  • Our Lady of Hope Our Lady of Hope

    In this third week of advent, it is impossible to prepare for Christmas without the contemplation of the hopeful unspeakable joy which Holy Mary possessed by the immediate future of her giving birth. That is what you want to express with "The expectation of delivery", or "The day of Holy Mary" as it was called also at another time, or "Our Lady of O" as it is popularly also called today. It was in Spain, particularly in Toledo, in the tenth Council held in the year 656, Saint Eugenio III being the Bishop of that location, and later a very devoted to the Virgin Mary - Saint Ildefonso--took quite seriously to spread. The intuition of people naming the Young Maiden in waiting "Virgen de la O" is based on the direct contemplation of pictorial or sculptural works that present naturally piously bulging roundness of the Virgin pregnant. The origin of the title is more spiritual however, finer, and less somatic and more liturgical. It originated in the Marian antiphons of Vespers begining with the O: O Sapientia, O Adonai, O Emmanuel ... Veni!

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  • Saint Flananio
  • Saint Gaciano
  • Saint Malaquías
  • Blessed Nemesia Valle