Saints of the 10 of december

  • Saint Andrew Avellino

    In Naples, Campania, Saint Andrew Avellino, presbyter of the Congregation of Regular Clerics, was conspicuous by his Holiness and was zealous in procuring the salvation of others, made the arduous vote of moving forward every day in the virtues and, full with merits, with Holy death he rested at the foot of the altar.

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  • Saint Leo the Great, Pope

    There are memories of special holy days, and today (and tomorrow) are these days. In this case it is Pope Leo, born in Tuscany (Italy), became Pope in the year 440. He is remembered in history texts for moral and political prestige that demonstrated against the threat of the Huns of Attila (which he managed to stop over the Mincio bridge) and the Vandals (whose ferocity he mitigated in the looting of Rome of the 455). We have obtained 96 sermons and 173 letters from him. Leo was the first Pope who received the epithet of "the great" afterwords, not only for the literary qualities and the firmness with which maintained in life to the decadent Empire of the West, but by the doctrinal solidity he shows in his letters. He died on such day in the year 461.

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  • Saint Baudolinus of Alexandria
  • Saint Demetrius of Antioch
  • Saint Justo of Canterbury
  • Saint Orestes of Tiana
  • Saint Probo of Ravena
  • Blessed Acisclus Pina Piazuelo