Santos nacidos en Bélgica

List of saints
Celebration Name Saint
May 10th Damián Saint Damien of Molokai
June 11th Alicia Saint Alicia of Schaerbeek
December 8th Eucharius Saint Eucharius
September 12th Guido Saint Guido of Anderlech
November 26th Juan Saint Juan Berchmans
December 14th Nicasio Saint Nicasio
January 25th Popón Saint Popón
December 17th Vivina Saint Vivina
June 10th Eduardo Blessed Edward Poppe
October 6th Isidoro Blessed Isidore of Saint Joseph de Loor
December 2nd Juan Blessed John of Ruysbroeck
August 19th Luis Blessed Luis Flores and companions
October 11th María Blessed Mary of Jesus d'Oultremont
June 23rd María Blessed Mary of Oignies
September 5th María de los Apóstoles Blessed Mary of the Apostles