Nov 01

Solemnity of All Saints

November 1st

The church celebrates today the feast of all those who have gone before us in their March to the House of the father, and who are already enjoying the presence of God face to face. That is, all those anonymous which are holy. This holiday reminds us that all are called to holiness in this life. In the first centuries of church life had a day to remember the martyrs. Pope Boniface IV (608-615) transformed a Greek temple in one Christian to devote to the worship of "All the Holy". And it was in the year 840, when the solemnity began to be held on November 1. We must remember that many important holidays begin their celebration yesterday evening, at the evening Mass of wakefulness, ie October 31. In English it would be All Hallow's Eve, the eve of All Saints. Over time pronunciation changed to what is known today Halloween. This celebration has little to do with the importance of the day which today celebrates the Universal Church, although its origin is the same.
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November 1st
Solemnity of all saints who are with Christ in glory. In the unique joy of this festival, the Holy Church, which still Pilgrim on Earth, celebrates the memory of those whose company happy heaven, to receive stimulation her example, the joy of his patronage and, one day, the Crown of triumph in the eternal vision of the Divine Majesty. Roman martyrology