Nov 07

Saint Wilibrordo

November 7th VIII century Monje Obispo

He lived between the end of the 7th century and the beginning of the VIII. His father belonged to the first generation of Christians converted Anglo-Saxon paganism. The child was handed over to the monastery of Ripon for his upbringing and custody when she decided to live alone after the death of his wife. Already in his youth, Willibrord decides freely to religious profession. Leave the monastery of Ripon by taking advantage of the economic situation on the journey to Rome from the Holy Abbot Wilfrido. From now on you will stay twelve years in the monastery of Rathmelsigui, in Ireland, learning of eagerness missionary of the Abbot Egberto that already failed evangelization of Friesland on the continent. When in
Wilibrordo (Masculino)
in Echternach, in current Luxembourg
November 7th
In Echternach, of Austrasia, burial of Saint Wilibordo, English from birth, that ordained bishop of Utrecht by Pope [saint Sergio I], he preached the Gospel in Friesland and in Denmark, and founded monasteries and Episcopal headquarters until, overwhelmed working and spent by age, he fell asleep in the Lord within the walls of a monastery he raised. Roman martyrology