Sep 28

Saint Wenceslaus of Bohemia

September 28th X century

Wenceslao (Masculino)
Secular name
en Stochov, in current Czech republic
September 28th 0935 in Boleslavia, in current Czech republic
September 28th
St. Wenceslas or Venceslao, martyr, Duke of Bohemia, who was educated by his grandmother [St. Ludmila] in human and divine wisdom, was severe, peaceful in the administration of the Kingdom and merciful to the poor, redeeming to be baptized pagan slaves who were in Prague to be sold. After suffering many difficulties in governing his subjects and train them in the faith, he was betrayed by his brother Boleslao andwas killed by hitmen in the Church of Stará Boleslav, Bohemia (929/935). Roman martyrology