Dec 15

Saint Urbicius

December 15th IX century

Born in Bordeaux (France) in the 8th century, in times in which the Moorish invasion of the peninsula beyond the Pyrenees and reached to Poitiers. Urbicius young and his mother are caught in one of these military raids. The mother dies in captivity while Urbicius is turned into a slave. They served their masters with honesty and humility, hoping for early freedom, asking for the intercession of the Holy children of Alcalá, the Saints Just and Pastor. Their freedom, when it comes, attributed to the intercession of these Saints who feels indebted to. Program and makes a Thanksgiving trip to Alcalá and there saw the dangers of desecration to which they are exposed
Urbicio (Masculino)
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in Burdeos, in current France
December 15th
In Nocito, at the foot of the mountain range of Guara, saint Urbez or Urbicius, who, born in Bordeaux of noble family, was a monk and priest of the monastery of saint Martín de la Val de Onsera, settling finally in Nocito, where he evangelized the neighboring towns (c. 802). Roman martyrology