May 01

Saint Torcuato y compañeros

May 1st III century Obispo

In southern Hispania, commemoration of St. torquatus, Bishop of Acci (Guadix today), and other six bishops, who settled in different cities: Tesifonte, Bishop of Bergium (today Berja); Esicio, Bishop of Carcer (today Carcesa); Indalecio, Bishop of Urci (today Almeria); Second, Bishop of Abula (today Abla); Eufrasio, Bishop of Iliturgi (Andújar today), and Caecilius, Bishop of Illíberis (today Elvira, Granada) (s. III/IV).
Torcuato (Masculino)
People named Torcuato use to celebrate 15-May:
Saint Torcuato obispo
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