Sep 26

Saint Sebastián Nam I-gwan y compañeros

September 26th XIX century Mártir

In Seoul, Korea, passion of the Saints Sebastian Nam I-gwan and eight fellow martyrs, beheaded by his Christian faith after suffering cruel torments. They are also commemorated the holy martyrs Lucía Kim, Catalina Yi, widow, and their daughter Magdalena Cho, Virgin, who, imprisoned for his faith in Christ, also died from cruel torment day uncertain of this month. Their names: Saints Ignacio Kim Che-jun, Carlos Cho Shin-ch'ol; Columba Kim Hyoim, Virgin; Magdalena Pak Pong-son and perpetual Hong Kum-ju, widowed; Julita Kim, Agueda Chon Kyong-hyob and Magdalena Ho Kye-im.
Sebastián (Masculino)
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Saint Sebastian
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September 26th 1839 in Seúl, in current Korea, republic of
September 26th