Feb 12

Saint Saturnino y compañeros mártires of Abitinia

February 12th IV century Mártir Sacerdote

In Carthage, city of Africa, commemoration of the holy martyrs of Abitinia, during the persecution under the Emperor Diocleciano, by having met to celebrate the Sunday Eucharist against what was established by the authority, they were taken by the judges of the colony and guard soldiers. Led to Carthage and interrogated by proconsul Anulino, despite the torture they confessed their Christian faith and the impossibility of giving up the celebration of the sacrifice of the Lord, spilling their blood in different times and places.
Saturnino (Masculino)
People named Saturnino use to celebrate 29-Nov:
Saint Saturninus of Tolosa
Other saints
Other saints named Saturnino
in Cartago, in current Tunisia
February 12th