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Saint Sabbas

December 5th VI century

One of the Saints most influential and significant of the anachronism in the East. Born in the year 439 in Mutalasca (Turkey). He is admitted to the monastery of Flavian where he received education. Having age, he requests admission to the monastery with eighteen years. With permission from his Abbot, in 457, he moved to the Holy places and meet the deserts of Palestine. It winters in the monastery of Pasarion. It is consolidated in the love of silence and austerity and therefore passes to the monastery of Euthymius, next to Jerusalem, and then to another led by Teoctisto where there is a strict observance and discipline. His life takes on real dimension of anchorite in a departure from everything and everyone in his grotto. There he consume time with abundant prayer, strong penance and work to make racks. Faithful from everywhere come to him, often also priests and bishops. They run by the Christian world Sabbas name. The Patriarch of Jerusalem is appointed Exarch of all monks, hermits and anchorites of the desert. He died a day like today in the year 532.
Sabas (Masculino)
People named Sabas use to celebrate 5-Feb:
Saint Sabas el Joven
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Other saints named Sabas
en Capadocia, in current Turkey
in Capadocia, in current Turkey
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