Jun 02

Saint Potino y compañeros

June 2nd II century Mártir Obispo

In Lyon, Gaul, Holy Martyr Pothinus, Bishop, and Blandina, along with forty-six companions, who the letter of the Church of Lyon to the churches of Asia and Phrygia has detail their courageous and repeated event, at the time of the Emperor Marcus Aurelius. Bishop Potino, already nonagenarian, shortly after being imprisoned died, some others also died in prison, while the remaining were exposed as spectacle in the Amphitheater, before thousaintds of people, where those who were Roman citizens were beheaded and the others given to the wild beasts, and finally Blandina, reserved for a more cruel and prolonged combatAfter encouraging
Potino (Masculino)
in Lyon, in current France
June 2nd