Dec 19

Saint Nemesio

December 19th Mártir

Of his life we know little. Only its end, martyrdom, has reached us us. In the year 250, during the persecutions of Decius, the Bishop Dionisio de Alejandría gives account of it. Estimated that most of the people for the conduct of fair and healthy habits; in the end, appreciated for his kindness and faultless ethical conduct, as it should be and should be expected in a disciple's true Christ. But envy pushes accusers to ratting him to justice, first as a criminal, that leaves acquitted, and after Christian, fatal load. Nemesio confirms the accusation and ends up burned at the stake in the company of some thieves and murderers of his time.
Nemesio (Masculino)
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Saint Nemesio of Alejandría
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December 19th