Nov 11

Saint Martín of Tours

November 11th IV century

He was born at Sabaria, in Pannonia (Hungary) towards the year 316. It is quite known the narration of the episode of Saint Martín who, wrapped in his wide cloak of imperial guard, riding found a poor man who shivered with cold, with generous gesture he cut his mantle and gave half to the poor. At night, in a dream, he saw Jesus wrapped in half of his cloak, smiling at him grateful. At age 18 he receives baptism and, after a period of hermit, founded the monastery of Ligugé and Marmoutier. Subsequently he was elected Bishop of Tours, where he revolutionized the diocese during his 27 years of episcopal life with his love for the poor and needy. He is considered the first saint with a liturgical celebration not being a martyr.
Memory of saint Martin, Bishop, on the day of his burial. Born in Pannonia of Gentile parents, being a soldier in the Gaul and even catechumen, covered Christ with his cloak in the person of a poor, and then received the baptism, abandoned the military and made monastic life in a Monastery founded by himself in Ligugé, under the direction of saint Hilary of Poitiers. Then ordained and elected Bishop of Tours, taking the example of the good Shepherd, before his eyes founded in different towns and other monasteries and parishes, he indoctrinated and reconciled the clergy and evangelized to the peasaintts, until he went to meet the Lord in Candes. Roman martyrology