Nov 03

Saint Martin de Porres

November 3rd XVII century

Martin was born December 8, 1579, son of an important nobleman and a mulatta, in Lima (Peru). Martin began to familiarize himself with the well paid profession of Barber, who at that time was considerably more to do with to remove teeth, extracting teeth or do indents. Martin was able to become an expert by passing as a great Spanish physician assistant.From this he began to live and his work allowed him to effectively help the poor who could not afford him. By his Barber would come equally peasaintts soldiers and would go to find relief both Knights and mayors. But what makes exemplary to his life is not only the social impact of a humanitarian job well done. More heroic is his continuous exercise of charity that springs from the love of Christ, and to Holy Mary. In the course of his work and sensitivity towards religion he had contact with the monks of the Dominican convent of Rosario where he sought admission as donated before moving on to brother. Of all the virtues that had protruded Martin Porres' humility was above all, always putting others ahead of their own needs. On one occasion the convent had serious financial trouble and the Prior was in need to sell some items, at this, Martin de Porres offered to be sold as a slave to remedy the crisis. He died a day like today in 1639.
Martín (Masculino)
Guerrero, from Latín
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December 9th 1579 en Lima, in current Peru
November 3rd 1639 in Lima, in current Peru
November 3rd
de la Orden de Predicadores
Peruvian Dominican Saint. He was the first mulatto Saint of America and is the Universal patron saint of peace. Saint Martín de Porres, religious of the order of preachers, son of a Spanish and a woman of color, which, since the child, despite the origins of illegitimate son and mulatto limitations, learned medicine, who then already religious, served generously in Lima, Peru, in favor of the poor city, and dedicated to the fastpenance and prayer, lived a harsh and humble, but radiant existence of charity. Roman martyrology