Aug 25

Saint Joseph of Calasanz

August 25th XVII century

Saint José de Calasaintz, founder of the order of the pious schools, first one to evangelize in "Piety and the letters" all rich, and poor children born in Peralta de la Sal, was the first man to create a free education system in the world to any child of any social class and any religious cult, following God to hear the voice of the Lord, who said to him: "Joseph, give to the poor. Teach these children and care about them". He died in Rome, Italy, at the age of 91. Pope Pius XII declared him in 1948 "Heavenly patron of all Christian popular schools".
José (Masculino)
Renuéveme (Dios) la familia, from Hebreo
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Saint Joseph
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en Peralta de la Sal, Huesca, in current Spain
August 25th 1648 in Roma, in current Italy
August 25th
de la Orden de las Escuelas Pías
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