Nov 12

Saint Josafat Kuncewicz

November 12th XVII century Mártir Obispo Religioso

His Christian name was Juan Kunsevich. Born in Volhinia (today Poland) of Vladimir to the 1581. In 1601 he entered the monastery of the Holy Trinity in Vilnius and 13 years after he was appointed Abbot of Vilnius. Catholic in land of schism, tries to discover his people the faith of the universal Church. When is named, against their love, by Pope Paulo V, Archbishop of Polotsk, becomes immeasurable their zeal and charity in an archdiocese that is infested by the Schism. Its activity, its moral force and his inner life arouses envy and jealousy because the White Russia, rejuvenated, is happening next to Rome. In 1623, a tumult invades his home and is killed and ar
Josafat (Masculino)
Juicio de dios, from Hebreo
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Secular name
Juan Kuncewicz
en Vlodimir, in current Ukraine
in Vlodimir, in current Ukraine
November 12th
Memory of St. Josaphat (John) Kuntsevych, Bishop of Polotsk, in Ruthenian, and martyr, that incessaintt ardently urged his people towards Catholic unity, cultivated with godly love the rite bizantino-eslavo in Witebsk, Belarus, then under the jurisdiction of Poland, and cruelly persecuted by a mob the enemy, he died for the unity of the Church and the defense of the Catholic faith. Roman martyrology