Sep 30

Saint Jerome

September 30th V century

Jerónimo (Masculino)
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Secular name
Eusebius Hieronymus Sophronius
en Estridón, in current Croatia (Hrvatska)
September 30th 0420 in Belén, in current Israel
September 30th
Memory of St. Jerome, priest and doctor of the Church, who, born in Dalmatia, studied in Rome, cultivating with care all the knowledge, and there received Christian baptism. Later, captured by the value of the contemplative life, it surrendered to the ascetic existence going to the East, where was ordained priest. Returned to Rome, he was the Secretary of pope Damasus, until taking up residence in Bethlehem of Judea lived a monastic life dedicated to translating and explaining the Scripture, revealing themselves as distinguished doctor. Admirable in his ways he was part of many needs of the Church and, finally, reaching old age, rested in the peace of the Lord. Roman martyrology