Oct 17

Saint Ignatius of Antioch

October 17th II century

Ignacio (Masculino)
Fogoso, fervoroso, from Latín
People named Ignacio use to celebrate 31-Jul:
Saint Ignatius of Loyola
Other saints
Other saints named Ignacio
en Antioquía, in current Turkey
in Roma, in current Italy
October 17th
Picture of Saint Ignatius of Antioch
Memory of St. Ignatius, Bishop and martyr, who, disciple of the Apostle St. John, was the second successor to saint Peter based in Antioch, being sentenced to the torment of the menagerie in time of the Emperor Trajan, and moved to Rome, where he consummated his glorious martyrdom. During the trip, as he experienced the ferocity of sentinels, similar to the one of the leopards, he wrote seven letters to various churches, which urged the brothers to serve God together with the own Bishop and to not prevent to be sacrificed as a victim for Christ. Roman martyrology