May 05

Saint Hilary of Arles

May 5th V century

Hilary (Masculino)
in current France
in Arlés, in current France
May 5th
Picture of Saint Hilary of Arles Fuente:
In Arles, in Provence, Saint-Hilary, Bishop, who, after carrying eremitical life in Lérins, was promoted, well to his regret, the episcopate, from where, working with his own hands, wearing one single tunic both in summer as in winter, and walking on foot, said all his love of poverty. Delivered to prayer, fasts, and vigils, and to persevere in a continuous preaching, showed God's mercy to sinners, hosted orphans and did not hesitate to allocate for the redemption of the captives all objects of silver that was preserved in the basilica of the city. Roman martyrology