Jun 25

Saint Galicano of Alejandría

June 25th IV century Mártir

Gallican Saint, martyr and consul in Alexandria, inducted into the honor of a triumph, and deprived of the Emperor Constantine. Convirtieronle to the faith of the Saints Jesucristo [John] and [Paul], and withdrew together with [Saint Hilarino] at Ostia, where he all the hospitality and service of the sick; which reporting worldwide, came many different parts to see which patricio and consul down to wash the feet to the poor, to put the table, wash their hands, and serve them with care in their diseases; and it is exercised in all other works of mercy. Ostia banished by order of Julian apostate, went to Alexandria, Don
Galicano (Masculino)
in Alejandría, in current Egypt
June 25th