Dec 07

Saint Eutiquiano papa y mártir

December 7th III century Mártir Papa

Saint Eutiquiano (275-283) was born in Luni, in Etruria. The news is very limited. It is known that his pontificate was under the rule of Probo. The Church was the subject of many persecutions and martyrs were so many. He arranged that they received great honors.It was buried more than 300, ordering that their bodies were wrapped in a simple white as sheet not, but covered with a red dalmatic, rich robe reserved for the emperor. In the current liturgy deacons take it at solemn functions.Saint Eutiquiano was consecrated Pope January 4, 275. He ordered that the martyrs were covered by the "dalmatic" similar to the mantle of l
Eutiquiano (Masculino)
December 7th 0283 in Campania, in current Italy
December 7th
Saints Ariston, Crescenciano, Eutiquiano, urban, Vidal, fair, Merry, Felix, Marcia and Sinforosa, Campania (Italy), 285. Roman martyrology