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Saint Eustoquia Calafato

January 20th XV century Religiosa

Saint Eustoquia, born in Messina (Sicily), received his mother's Christian formation and a deep devotion to the Franciscan renewal movement led by Saint Bernardino de Siena. His father wanted to marry her, but Providence led her through other paths and overcome many difficulties, at age 15 joined the Poor Clares which soon stood out for his virtues. Desirous of one life more adjusted to the rule of St. Clare, founded the monastery of Montevergine, where he soon flourished the genuine spirit of Saint Francisco and Saint Clara, and that multiplied vocations, that she, being Abbess, directed and formed with his word and example.
Eustoquia (Femenino)
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Blessed Eustochium Bellini
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Secular name
Esmeralda Calafato
March 25th 1434 en Mesina, in current Italy
January 20th 1485 in Mesina, in current Italy
January 20th
de la Segunda orden de San Francisco
In the city of Messina, in Sicily (now Italy), saint Eustoquio Calafato, Virgin, Abbess of the order of Saint Clara, who devoted all their forces to restore the primitive discipline of regular life in following Christ according to the example of saint Francisco. Roman martyrology