Dec 01

Saint Eligius

December 1st VII century

He was born around the year 588. Silversmith's apprentice, became part of the French Court to serve as such, rising in influence due to his intelligence. King Dagobert thought he was the ideal man to solve the contentious former who had with the neighboring Earl of Britain, sent him as legate, and was right in the election by the favorable outcome obtained. It is not strange that Elligius or Eloy should be requested as a Minister of the Crown. He sponsored the Abbey of Solignac, others were born in Limousin and in Paris, the Church of St. Paul at his expense. Ordained a priest, was consecrated Bishop of Noyon and Tournay and was present at the Council of Chalons-sur-Seine, the 644. He did not succumb to the adoration of perishable things as noble metals and precious gems, and the has been adopted as patron saint of metalworkers, jewelers, and craftsmen.
Eloy (Masculino)
en Noyon, in current France
in Noyon, in current France
December 1st
The son of Eucherius and Terrigia seems that from the beginning of his existence he was under the sign of the divine choice. So says the legend of his life. Roman martyrology