Aug 28

Saint Edmund Arrowsmith

August 28th XVII century

Edmund (Masculino)
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Secular name
Brian Arrowsmith
en Haydock, Lancashire, in current United kingdom
August 28th 1628 in Lancaster, in current United kingdom
  • madevenerable el December 8th 1929 por Pius XI
  • Beatifiedel December 15th 1929 por Pius XI
  • Canonized on October 25th 1970 by Paul VI
August 28th
de la Compañía de Jesús
In Lancaster, England, saint Edmund Arrowsmith, priest of the society of Jesus and martyr, a native of the same Duchy, who, after spending many years devoted to the pastoral care in their homeland, as priest and have led many to the Catholic faith, with opposition from the same Protestants of the place, died in jib during the reign of Charles I. Roman martyrology