Jun 09

Saint Columba of Iona

June 9th VI century

Columba (Masculino)
People named Columba use to celebrate 31-Dec:
Saint Columba virgen y mártir
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Other saints named Columba
Secular name
Colum Cille
December 7th 0521 en Donegal, in current Ireland
June 9th 0597 in Iona, Escocia, in current United kingdom
June 9th
On the island of Iona in Scotland, St Columba and Colum Cille, presbyter and Abbot, who, born in Hibernia (Ireland today) and trained in the monastic precepts, he founded, there and elsewhere, famous monasteries by the observance and the cultivation of the scriptures, and already elderly, waiting for the Supreme day, died when he was at the foot of the altar. Roman martyrology