May 21

Saint Christopher Magallanes and companions

May 21st XX century

Cristóbal (Masculino)
People named Cristóbal use to celebrate 31-Oct:
Blessed Christopher of Romagna
Other saints
Other saints named Cristóbal
July 30th 1869 en Totaliche, in current Mexico
May 25th 1927 in Colotitlán, in current Mexico
May 21st
Saint Christopher Magallanes, presbyter, and companions, martyrs, who were persecuted in various regions of Mexico by hatred, the Christian name and the Catholic Church, and confessed to Christ King, reaching the Crown of martyrdom. Their names are as follows: Román Adame, Rodrigo Aguilar, Julio Álvarez, Luis Batis Sáinz, Agustín Caloca, Mateo Correa, Atilano Cruz, Miguel de la Mora, Pedro Esqueda Ramírez, Margarito Flores, José Isabel Flores, David Galvan, Pedro Maldonado, Jesús Méndez, Justino Orona, Sabas Reyes, José María Robles, Toribio Romo, Jenaro Sánchez Delgadillo, Tranquilino Ubiarco David Uribe, and priests; and Manuel Morales, Salvador Lara Puente and Davi Roman martyrology