Oct 14

Saint Callixtus I Pope

October 14th III century

Calixto (Masculino)
El más bello, from Griego
People named Calixto use to celebrate 13-Nov:
Saint Callistus Caravario
en Roma, in current Italy
in Roma, in current Italy
October 14th
Saint Calixto I, Pope and martyr, who, when he was a deacon, after an exile in the island of Sardinia had to take care of the cemetery via Apia that bears his name, where left for posterity the memory of martyrs, and elected Pope, he promoted the correct doctrine, he reconciled benignly the apostates, ending his intense pontificate with the glory of martyrdom. This day marks the commemoration of his grave in the cemetery of Calepodius, on the via Aurelia, Rome (c. 222). Roman martyrology