Oct 06

Saint Bruno of Cologne

October 6th XII century

Bruno (Masculino)
Coraza, from Alemán
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en Colonia, in current Germany
October 6th 1101 in Squillace, Calabria, in current Italy
October 6th
de la Orden de San Bruno
Picture of Saint Bruno of Cologne
Saint Bruno, priest, who, a native of Cologne, in Lotharingia, taught ecclesiastical Sciences in Gaul, but wishing to lead a solitary life, with some disciples he settled in the distant Valley Charterhouse, in the Alps, giving rise to an order which combines the solitude of the hermits with the common life of the cenobites. Called by Pope Urban II to Rome, to help with the needs of the Church, spent the last years of his life as a hermit in the monastery of La Torre in Calabria. Roman martyrology