Jul 15

Saint Bonaventure

July 15th XIII century

Buenaventura (Masculino)
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en Bagnorea, in current Italy
July 15th 1274 in Lyon, in current France
July 15th
de la Orden de Frailes Menores
Picture of Saint Bonaventure Fuente: wikimedia.org
Memory of the burial of St. Bonaventure, Bishop of Albano and doctor of the Church, famous by its doctrine, the Holiness of his life and the illustrious works carried out on behalf of the Church. As general Minister governed with great caution the order of the Friars Minor, being always faithful to the spirit of Saint Francis and in his numerous writings he joined utmost erudition and burning pity. When he was paying a great service to the 2nd Ecumenical Council of Lyon, he deserved getting beatific vision of God. Roman martyrology