Jan 27

Saint Angela of Merici

January 27th XVI century

She was born in 1474 in Italy and founded the first female religious community to educate girls. Orphaned was when he was still very girl, became a Franciscan tertiary and founded the community of sisters Ursulines in 1535, who are spread over many parts. A great leader of women was considered and they blessed her in 1807.
Ángela (Femenino)
Enviada, from Griego
People named Ángela use to celebrate 2-Aug:
Our Lady of the Angels
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Other saints named Ángela
en Desenzano, in current Italy
January 27th 1540 in Brescia, in current Italy
January 27th
de la Tercera Orden Regular de San Francisco
Saint Angela Merici, Virgin, who first donned the habit of the third order of St. Francis and brought together several young women to instruct them in works of charity. Later, she instituted an order of women, called Saint Úrsula, in order to live a life of perfection in the world and teach the ways of the Lord to adolescent girls. She died in the city of Brescia, in Lombardy (today Italy). Roman martyrology