Dec 07

Saint Ambrose of Milan

December 7th IV century

He was born in Trier (Germany) in the year 340. He was elected Bishop of Milan in the year 374, being a great administrator. Ambrose is the symbol of the Church that rises after the hard years of concealment and persecution. St. Augustine, who was a regular listener of the sermons of St. Ambrose, tells us in his confessions that the prestige of the eloquence of the Bishop of Milan was very large and very effective tone of this Apostle of friendship. His published books that have come down to us are quick transcripts and reuses of their speeches, little or nothing checked. As a good shepherd he liked to teach liturgical hymns his people. For that reason he composed a great number of hymns, some of them very familiar in ambrosian liturgy. He introduced in the West the alternating singing in the salms.
Ambrosio (Masculino)
Divino, inmortal, from Griego
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December 7th
Picture of Saint Ambrose of Milan Fuente:
Memory of Saint Ambrose, Bishop of Milan, and doctor of the Church, that rested with the Lord April 4th, in that year coincided with the Easter Vigil, but is venerated in today's date, in which being still catechumen was chosen to govern that famous see, while he exercised the Office of Prefect of the city. True pastor and doctor of the faithful, he exercised charity to all, he courageously defended the freedom of the Church and the correct doctrine of the faith against the Arians, and catechized the people with the comments and the composition of hymns. Roman martyrology