Dec 16

Saint Adele

December 16th X century

Born in the year 931 in the Italian peninsula, and fate leads her to become Empress, married to King Lothar. Already mother, widow with eighteen years. Her second marriage, also regal, suffers imprisonment and exile. Regent Empress, takes control functions at the time of Otto III. Now displays with their works the dead which was for herself and former piety, his whole life, was a sincere question. The Empress is dedicated to doing good. It protects, helps and comforts the needy. It is considered as a burden for it and a service for the good of the people. Is neither unfair nor vindictive with those who reviled him time prete
Adela (Femenino)
De noble familia, from Alemán
in current Italy
in current France
December 16th
The wife of the Emperor Otón the great. Roman martyrology