Nov 02

Commemoration of All the Faithful Departed

November 2nd

Today the Christians who have gone before us with the sign of faith motivate our prayers. When a person dies, there has perhaps been a trace of sin and is no longer able to do anything to deserve heaven; However, the living can offer their works for the deceased to reach salvation. Prayer and good works can help loved ones to get forgiveness and purification of their sins in order to participate in the glory of God. Due to the many activities of daily life, people often do not have time or care for those living with them, and it's easy to forget how it can be helpful to offer prayer for the faithful departed. Because of this, the Church has sought to institute a day, November 2, which is dedicated especially to pray for those souls who have left the earth and still not reached the sky.
Difuntos (Masculino)
November 2nd
Commemoration of all the faithful departed. The Holy Mother Church, after its request in celebrating the joy of all their children blessed in heaven, with due praise is interested before the Lord for the souls of all those who preceded us in the sign in faith and sleep in the hope of the resurrection, and for all the dead since the beginning of the world whose faith only God knows, so that, purified from all stain of sin and associated with the celestial citizens, they can enjoy the vision of eternal happiness. Roman martyrology