Jul 26

Blessed Titus Brandsma

July 26th XX century

Titus (Masculino)
Secular name
Anno Sjoera Brandsma
February 23rd 1881 en Oegeklooster, in current Netherlands
July 26th 1942 in Dachau, in current Germany
  • madevenerable el November 9th 1984 por Blessed John Paul II
  • Beatifiedel November 3rd 1985 por Blessed John Paul II
July 26th
de la Orden del Carmelo
In the concentration camp of Dachau, near Munich, Bavaria, in Germany, blessed Titus Brandsma, priest of the order of the Carmelites, martyr, Dutch-born, to defend the dignity of man and the Church suffered with mood calm all kinds of losses and humiliation, giving example of a charity without limits, both on behalf of his brothers captives and their executioners themselves. Roman martyrology