Aug 11

Blessed Rafael Alonso Gutiérrez

August 11th XX century

Rafael (Masculino)
People named Rafael use to celebrate 29-Sep:
Saint Raphael Archangel
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Other saints named Rafael
June 14th 1890 en Ontinyent, in current Spain
August 11th 1936 in Agullent, Valencia, in current Spain
August 11th
de la Acción Católica
In the village of Agullent, Valencia, in Spain, Rafael Alonso Gutiérrez blessed, martyr, who was father of family and, in the fury of the persecution of the faith, shed his blood for Christ. With him it commemorates also the blessed martyr Carlos Díaz Gandía, to this very day and in the same locality received eternal life for the defense of the faith. Roman martyrology