Oct 29

Blessed Mary of the Angels Ginard Marti

October 29th XX century

Mary of the Angels Ginard Martí was born in Llucmajor (Majorca, Balearic Islands) on April 3, 1894; professed religious of the Congregation of the Zealous Sisters of Eucharistic Adoration. On 26 August 1936 she was shot by a group of militiamen in the Dehesa de la Villa in Madrid.
Ángeles (Femenino)
People named Ángeles use to celebrate 2-Aug:
Our Lady of the Angels
Other saints
Other saints named Ángeles
Secular name
María de los Ángeles Ginard Martí
April 3rd 1894 en Lluchmayor, Mallorca, in current Spain
August 26th 1936 in Dehesa de la Villa, Madrid, in current Spain
October 29th